Preserving Irelands Seeds


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Seeds belong to us all

True Harvest Seeds are a local charity run from Strangford, Co Down.

Established in 2013 we are working to preserve native plant species of the island of Ireland by saving their seed. Wild flora, crop wild relatives, open pollinated fruit and vegetable varieties, industrial crops, trees and shrubs will all be saved. In other words seeds that we currently have and use to live our lives in this present time, all collected into one purpose built Seed Centre.

Uses the collections will be put to:

Part of the collections will be available to suitable restoration projects upon request from organisiations that can show they are able to successfully grow the seed.

Part for growing out, in our own production beds, for the purpose of bulking up seed collections or to obtain herbarium specimens or DNA material.

Part for genetic research; where we hope to secure funding to engage a research student.

Finally part kept as security in deep storage for the preservation of species for future generations.

The project is intended to:

Give people of the island environmental, industrial crop and food security,

Provide information about how to save seed generally and

To provide training to interested parties to help us make the high quality seed collections for long term storage in the seed bank.

A great way to get in touch with us is by email at

True Harvest Seeds