Collections in 2015

Collections made so far in 2015

Species list 2015

Here's the list so far of the collections we've made this year. This wouldn't be possible without the help of 72 wonderful volunteers, who have generously offered their time and effort to monitor these populations on a regular basis.

36 of the volunteers are monitoring one or two species. This involves keeping an eye on the plant population and giving Debbie a call when it comes into flower, a herbarium specimen, photos and DNA sample can then be taken. The monitoring continues until the plants come to maximum seed production and then the high quality seed collection can be made and the data sheet completed.

The collections may only be made, by law, if the land owners consent has first been established. For this True Harvest Seeds have a "Land owners Permission Sheet" which is given to every land owner for approval prior to starting. In addition to this if the area is an ASSI or other special designation then permission must be sought, by the land owner, from The NIEA first.

Further safeguards to protect our living environment is the Schedule 8 designation which is allocated to endangered plant life. Both Debbie and Mark hold permits to collect schedule 8 species, marked by a (S8) in the text.

Collections so far in 2015. Our sincere thanks to all the land owners, volunteers, NGO's, council staff, government staff and everyone involved for helping make these collections possible. These collections are also duplicated at Kew's Meillennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst, West Sussex, England. The Millenium Seed Bank staff have been wonderful helping True Harvest Seeds in both 2014 and 2015 and so deserve a very special thank you.