About us



Debbie Gillies BSc(Hons) Computing Science with dip in industrial studies. Organic grower, Debbie's Farm. NVQ2 Environmental conservation, NVQ3 Community facilitation. NVQ2/3 Community environmental leadership. Studying Spanish.



Mark Bryson BSc Sociology. Director/manager Eco Seeds. NVQ Nursery stock production.


Course coordinator

Katie Laurence BSc(Hons) Zoology. NVQ2 Environmental conservation. ABC cert. of Arboriculture.



Julia Cross Kindergarten teaching cert. Mother of four children. Shaman, spiritual healer. Owner of InTune Therapies.



Becky Knight BA(Hons) Accountancy and finance. Currently working on an internship with KPMG.


Project Assistant

Barbara Foster BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, DPhil Human nutrition.